Restaurant We Love- WildTale

Restaurant We Love- WildTale

WildTale Coastal Grill celebrates the coastal regions of the world. Featuring fresh seafood as well as favorites from farm and field, paired with great wines, delicious local beers and refreshing, creative cocktails in a polished yet relaxed room.

Wine lovers refer to the ‘terroir’ – environmental conditions like soil and climate that contribute to the flavor and aroma imparted to grapes grown there. At WildTale, we love the term ‘merroir’ – flavors imparted by the sea, from the cold, crisp, clear Pacific Ocean to the wild, powerful richness of the Atlantic. This applies to land as well as sea and is referenced in featured items like Yakima Valley Lamb and the bevy of local suppliers and abundant organic produce.

Think wild and fresh seafood dished up in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Inspired by East Coast hospitality, it’s a place where friends return to share stories and connect over great food.

For lunch, try the crispy Humboldt squid with sundried tomato aioli paired with the Watercress salad. And for oyster-lovers, WildTale has a great selection served raw, grilled or buttermilk fried. If it's a special occaision, you can't go wrong with the Chef's Surf & Turf Platter for 2!

Welcome to the Olympic Village neighbourhood!


165 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver


Hours: 3pm-12am, Monday-Saturday and 3pm-11pm Sundays

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